The Foley Explosion – Julie Rose Bower

August 12th to the 16th at 11am

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The Foley Explosion is an immersive audio experience using Foley sound effects and looping technology to tell stories that link Britain and Russia. The sound effects are created live in a bravura solo performance, made up of seven linking theatrical ‘tracks’, given by Julie Rose Bower. Episodes features cameos from Edward Snowden, Rasputin, Guy Fawkes and a chorus of Geiger counters in memory of Alexander Litvinenko. The sound effects are made using everyday objects – a sandbag, a balloon – and are repurposed to narrate extraordinary incidents set around Bower’s personal experience of a breaking news story in Russia. Intriguingly, layers of sound invoke the cinematic language of Foley sound where origins and destinations of the sounds are often wildly different. This innovative and playful performance creates surprise and unexpected humour.

Supported by the Yard Theatre.